February 20th

Biscuits so far: 5 (Jammie Dodgers should they count as 10?)

Texts received: loads to day including an invitation for an evening out and a great joke! (I am loved).

Ta Da first 30 rows of the endpaper mitt finished ready for the thumb gusset, I am a knitting genius of epic proportions! But shock, horror, gasp..... I try them on just to check the fit so far and they fit like some sort of surgical appliance. How can this be? "Tension" I hear you cry, well my tension is usually spot on (smug grin to self).

Well after reading and re-reading the pattern I discover, that i must be some sort of imbecile a half witted imbecile at that! I was so keen to progress on from the tubular cast on that had taken me TWO weeks of my life to perfect that I had NOT changed my DPN,s for a larger size.

So off to spend many hours frogging the wretched things back to that ruddy cast on ribbing again! Hopefully, if I have not thrown myself upon my pointy sticks, I will find the patience to start AGAIN.

February 19th

Biscuits Eaten: Tooo many to count

Texts received: 2 (nobody loves me today)

At last, have finished hubbies Valentines present, Socks. His first pair of hand knit socks, each stitch representing my love for him (ok confession, a few were knitted in anger). Miracle of miracles they fit him perfectly! (Cable Rib Socks Erica Alexander Interweave Knits Spring 2005 in Elle Yarn Storm).

Then I finished the small cabled and beaded cushion which I started on Friday. I went to a workshop at The Knit Tin, taught by Debbie Abrahams. I will post pictures when I have added the finishing touches (buttons).

I really must recommend The Debbie Abraham workshops at The Knit Tin, Debbie is a fantastic teacher whose patience knows no boundaries, she is willing to help with any knitting queries, project related or not. The kits which she provides for the day are well designed and you leave at the end of the day with new skills (with comprehensive notes so that you can remember your newly learnt tricks) enough materials to complete your project. But most importantly new friends who share your enthusiasm for knitting.

The Knit Tin is a wonderful venue situated in its own private space above the shop, it has plenty of natural daylight and a pleasant airy feel. Fantastic food is served during your day including, BISCUITS of course. Even better is the 10% discount on all purchases made on the day, so don't forget your flexible friend! (You have been warned)